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Complete Rules and Regulations provided by the County Treasurer are in the

Property Information Packet.

You will be responsible for all purchases made under your registration and will be required to sign that you have read and understood the rules and regulations of the

Eaton County Treasurer Real Estate Auction.

To Pre-Register Complete the form, sign and email the completed form to us (
We will then email you a confirmation with your bidder number included that you are registered for the sale.

When the form downloads in PDF format, you may need to click on the download tab 
(next to the print icon), on the task bar, the form will now download so that you can fill in the information.
Then click on the email or print buttons at the bottom for the form 
and it will give you the option to email the form or print the form.

Please Note:  
You will still need to place on deposit the required $1,000.00 deposit, 
but you can now go to the express check-in line to obtain your bidder packet. 

The Eaton County Treasurer requires that ALL registered bidders place a Deposit of $1,000.00 in Cash or Certified funds be held during the sale; these funds will be returned to you, if you are not successful bidder, 
exactly as given. (Certified funds should be made payable to yourself; that way if you are not a successful bidder at the sale, you can redeposit the funds back into your account).

If you are a successful bidder, the deposited funds will be used towards your purchase. Any remaining sale

balance owed can be paid with a personal or business check or cash day of sale.

​​Information shown is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.  

Buyers should verify all information prior to bidding on properties.

County Treasurer reserves the right to change any information including minimum bids.

Announcements made on sale day take precedence over previously printed matter.

Eaton County Treasurer's

Land Sale Auction


Eaton County Treasurer's 

Real Estate Auction 2024

LIVE AUCTION in Charlotte!!

Winning Bidder Responsibilities

Buyer Responsibilities

Buyers who purchase property at the Eaton County Treasurer's Auction will also be paying

a 10% Buyers premium along with a $59.00 processing fee per Lot purchased. 

This will be added to the final bid price.


Bid price:                $15,000.00

10% Buyers Premium: $1,500.00

Processing Fee:               $59.00

Total Purchase of:     $16,559.00

Buyers who purchase properties at the Eaton County Treasurer's Auction
are responsible for paying the 2023 Summer Taxes including any penalties and fees that become due and payable after the foreclosure date, without any prorating, to the Local Unit of Government, where the property purchased is located, (ie: Township, Village, City), and all future property taxes associated with the property being purchased.

You will receive the Summer 2023 Tax Bill as you check out at time of purchase.

Summer 2023 taxes must be paid in full within 14 days of the sale.

You must pay the 2023 Summer Taxes at the respective township or city office and provide a copy of the receipt to the Eaton County Treasurer’s Office. 

NOTE: The Deed will not be processed until the Summer 2023 taxes are paid in full. Failure to submit proof of tax payment to the County Treasurer within 14 days will result in the cancellation of sale, banning from all future foreclosure auctions and the property may be offered to other bidders.

Affidavit Form Required to be signed in front of a Notary Public and submitted with payment on sale day. All buyers are required to complete an Affidavit stating that they do not owe any delinquent taxes or civil fines. The required Affidavit form will be provided at check out for the live auction.

​This affirmation related to property (the "Subject Property") located in Eaton County, Michigan that I am purchasing under section 78m(2) or 78m(5) of The General Property Tax Act, 1893 PA 206, as amended, MCL 211.8m(2) or 211.78m(5), with the following tax parcel identification number and address: [address according to tax records].

I affirm under penalty of perjury that:
1) I do not directly or indirectly hold more that a de minimus interest in any property with delinquent taxes located in Eaton County, Michigan

2) I am not directly or indirectly responsible for any unpaid civil fines for a violation of a city ordinance authorized by section 4l of The Home Rule City Act, 1990 PA 279, as amended, MCL 117.4l, in the city in which the Subject Property is located.

If a buyer held an interest in a property at the time of foreclosure, 
they may only purchase the property back with prior approval of the County Treasurer 
and then only for the amount of the minimum bid or higher.  
This requirement includes a Second Auction purchase as well.

Thursday September 19, 2024

5:00 PM Registration 

Auction 6:00 PM

Disclaimer: the accuracy of all information shown, regardless of source, is not guaranteed or warranted. All information should be independently verified.

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11811 Anchor Lane
Three Rivers, MI 49093

A refundable deposit of $1,000 in cash or certified funds made payable to yourself is required to receive a bid card.

A 10% Buyer Premium on High Bid Price applies to ALL BippusUSA auctions.

Eaton County Purchases must be paid in full at the conclusion of the auction day of sale with a personal or business check.

​The registered bidder is legally and financially responsible for all parcels bid upon whether representing oneself or acting as a representative.



Eaton County Governmental Complex

1045 Independence Blvd.

Charlotte, MI 48813


NO Credit Cards or Money Orders accepted